Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best of Hawaii ... for Sandy

There it is... the best Christmas tradition on the planet. Long live Miller Christmas in Hawaii.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Couple of Cuties

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Alaska Take 2

We went to a bonfire at the beach with some family friends. We were totally bundled up compared to everyone else there.

...except Jeff in his shorts.

I shot a potato gun.

The moose were all pretty small and thin. The spring snow had covered all of their food, and lots of them were dying of starvation.

Sam got to drive a fishing skiff.

The only bear we saw...notice the bars. Just the way I like them.
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Jeff's parents will be moving to Idaho from Alaska next summer. Since Jeff grew up in Alaska he wanted to visit with friends and show the boys where he grew up before his parents left.

Eli on the back porch.

The boys working out in the basement.


Kenai River Festival

Learning how to cast with Alaska Fish and Game.

Kenai River

Sam pulling in a buoy as fast as he can.


Target practice.

We had 4 Bald Eagle fly right over our head in a row on our way to Homer.

Homer, AK

Buoy swing!

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